Trauma Informed Care with Fabliana Burley (@bringthebabe) - Ring of Fire Season 2 Episode 8

“Trauma Informed Care with Fabliana Burley (@bringthebabe)”  
Ring of Fire Season 2 Episode 8!

Emmy and Alex sit down with Fabliana Burley, @bringthebabe to discuss her path to birthwork, how to let people know what their rights are in birth, and trauma informed care.

Digressions include: navigating social media,  imposter syndrome, and how doulas can care for themselves and their own trauma.

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2:50 Fabliana talks about her start in birthwork and her experiences around childbirth growing up
16:00 Many people have doula hearts before they formally step into the work
19:00 Fabliana talks about her realization of the racism that exists in the birth world
21:00 We talk about why we think birth workers turn a blind eye to the treatment of marginalized people
38:00 Fabliana talks about the creation of her Birth Rights Affirmation Cards
43:00 How do we educate people that they aren’t being treated well in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum?
49:00 We talk to fabliau about how she feels about her social media following
55:00 We talk about why it’s important to be trauma informed in your own births and in supporting others
1:07:00 Fabliana talks about where to find more information and education about trauma informed care
1:15:00 Fabliana talks about trying to help new doulas navigate trauma informed care and help them care for themselves in doula work