How to Doula Interviews and Prenatal Appointments - Ring of Fire Season 2 Episode 11

In our second episode of our mini series "How to Doula It" we discuss how to give the best interviews you can, how many prenatal appointments is too many, and how to decide on the right number for you and your clients!

Digressions include: how to separate doula-ing and educating, our origin story, and how to pass on clients that aren't a right fit for you.

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Meet Alex:
Meet Emmy:

2:30 The Ring of Fire origin story remembered differently by each of us
10:00 We describe our own experiences with interviews
24:00 Emmy shares her tricks to nailing interviews
36:00 Emmy talks about her approach to prenatals and their structure
51:00 We digress to discuss how Alex separates educating and doula-ing
59:00 Alex shares her prenatal structure