Doula-ing the Doula with The Doula Darcy! - Ring of Fire Season 2 Episode 7

“Doula-ing the Doula with The Doula Darcy!”  
Ring of Fire Season 2 Episode 7!
Emmy and Alex sit down with The Doula Darcy to talk about marketing yourself as a doula, how Darcy came into doula work after a career in marketing, and how the passion of doula work will find you!

Digressions include: community care, why are so many doulas afraid to be on social media, and more!

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1:20 Darcy talks about her journey into doula work
7:30 Why are doulas going into this work without understanding they will ave to run a business?
13:00 Alex talks about why she pursued being a childbirth educator as well as a doula
17:00 Darcy talks about the benefits of social media
24:00 The secret to social media success for doulas
30:00 Collaboration is always better than competition
41:00 How to teach our communities that doulas are important and necessary.