Breaking Down VBAC: What Doulas Should Know - Ring of Fire Season 2 Episode 6

“Breaking Down VBAC: What Doulas Should Know”  
Ring of Fire Season 2 Episode 6!
Emmy and Alex discuss Emmy's specialty, Vaginal Births After Caesarean and how doulas can support birthers attempting a VBAC.

Digressions include: The origins of VBAC Calculators, and Emmy's personal VBAC story  

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Meet Alex:
Meet Emmy:

1:20 Emmy tells her personal VBAC story
7:45 How should doulas handle the trauma they experience in the job
11:00 How to unpack trauma with clients
16:00 What pushes birthers to choose VBACs
22:00 How is our language perpetuating failure language
30:00 Why Emmy believes that VBACs are the best births
33:00 VBAC calculators suck
46:00 What doulas can do to help VBAC birthers
1:00:00 How to help clients who have chosen unsafe providers for their birth