Bonus Episode: VBAC Link Sucks and Here's Why

***UPDATE: We were told about some errors we made when we recorded this episode***

1. VBAC Link used "VBAC Facts: The Truth About VBAC" on one of their website pages and that is actually the name of a course that VBAC Facts provides. Which means VBAC Link was deliberate in using that wording and the page is still up and the issue has not been rectified.

2. Emmy says the Beyonce messaged both VBAC Facts and Doctor Midwife but Doctor Midwife was the only one to receive that DM and VBAC Facts shared it.

In this bonus episode of Ring of Fire Emmy sits down to share all of the details of the current controversy with VBAC Link and how they wronged Midwife Melek and VBAC Facts.

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