What is a virtual doula?

November 15, 2021
by Alex Barr
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Virtual doulas

Virtual doula services bridge the gap between having a doula and not having a doula.

You'll have the access to resources, education, birth/postpartum planning, and visits.

This will give you the tools to doula yourself!
Virtual doula services became popular due to the 2020 pandemic out of necessity but gave way to a real option for birthing families!
This allows for typically a cheaper service (helpful for people without a lot of money to spend) as well as access to doulas who may not be in your area!

Virtual services typically look like one of two things:

1. The same pregnancy care, resources, visits, etc. to prepare you and your support team to support yourself. 


2. The same pregnancy care and having that doula on call during your whole birth either via zoom or FaceTime so that you can update them on what’s going on, ask them for help, relay information from the providers to the doula, ask them for advice, etc.


3. A mix of the two maybe that looks like periodic check ins during labor on FaceTime or zoom. 

I offer virtual services similar to number 1. The goal of the service is so that my clients can be as prepared as possible for birth without having a doula in the room. So for my clients that looks like the same number of prenatal visits (over zoom), they receive a $100 discount on my childbirth classes, access to me from when they hire me for resources, questions, or help; and the ability to call me while in labor for advice, problem solving, etc.

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