What is a Postpartum Doula?

November 8, 2021
by Alex Barr
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Postpartum Doulas

Having support in the postpartum period is essential to survival!

Lack of sleep, combined with healing from birth, caring for a newborn, and any other responsibilities that may be on your plate is no easy task!

Hiring a postpartum doula as a support person can save your life in this vulnerable time!

Here are some things a postpartum doula could help with:

Emotional support 
Physical comfort 
Infant care 
Informational support 
Partner support 
Support parents with sibling(s) 
Household organization

Some postpartum doulas also offer overnight care to help you get more sleep, handle late night wakeups, breastfeeding or body feeding support. If your baby is drinking formula that could allow you a full night’s sleep. 

Each doula offers certain things and doesn’t offer others. So deciding what you want or need from the doula before you hire them can be helpful! 

Just like having a birth doula who is just there for you and to support you a postpartum doula is there for you in the way you need to be supported!

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