Birth Support Series: Informational Support

November 3, 2022
by Alex Barr
Birth Support Series: Informational Support

Informational Support

What is informational support and how can it help you in pregnancy, labor, and birth?

In this series of blog posts we are talking about the different types of support a birth doula can provide: emotional support, physical support, informational support, and advocacy.

Informational support is arguably the most important part of a doula’s role but is the least talked about. It’s definitely far less exciting than affirmations and holding someone’s hand as they are birthing a new life into the world. But the information a doula can provide is vital.

*Ideally your doula is going to be on top of up to date research and evidence based information!*

I’m going to provide examples of informational support and how it can help you and your family give birth! 

1. Birth planning is one of the best ways to become more informed about birth and your choices. A doula will be able to provide you with all the choices available for you and make decisions ahead of time. Some choices may change in the moment when you’re giving birth but the key is doing that research and thought before hand. A doula can also give you tools on how to make those difficult decisions and then affirm you in those choices. 

2. Helping explain medical procedures! A doula can explain these things to you during pregnancy so you are prepared before they happen. They could also help you understand them while in labor. Anyone who has spent time in the hospital knows that sometimes provider sand nurses start talking and it sounds like a foreign language. A doula can help decipher and translate those conversations for you and even encourage you to ask more questions if you need more understanding of what medical professionals are telling you. 

3. Suggesting pain management techniques, position changes, providing evidence based articles and studies, asking you questions to uncover what you’re feeling and wanting, and endless facts about pregnancy and birth are all in easy reach inside a doula’s mind! 

There is so much information to sort through and a doula can help you find the most up to date evidence based information!