Birth Support Series: Emotional Support

November 3, 2022
by Alex Barr
Birth Support Series: Emotional Support

Emotional Support

Do you need emotional support in pregnancy, labor, and birth?

In this series of blog posts we are talking about the different types of support a birth doula can provide: emotional support, physical support, informational support, and advocacy.

“Emotional support is being able to identify what another person is feeling with accuracy and is able to respond in an appropriate, compassionate, and empathetic manner.”

-Keen Doula Care

If we look to the past doulas have always existed in one form or another. But if you were giving birth a century ago, you would probably be surrounded by a community. A community that would have experienced many births before yours. Because of this they would have all of this generational knowledge about birth to pass down to you. 

This is what we are missing in today’s birthing experience. Generational knowledge and community support. Doulas exist to bridge that gap. 

Emotional support is vital to travel through the journey that is pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Regardless of your desires surrounding birth a doula should be there to support you and your family and whatever decision you make. We know that the evidence on doulas is positive and it shows a large increase in the outlook birthers have about their birth experience. 

Here are some examples of emotional support:

Continuous presence: someone who will be there with you from beginning to end




Holding space for your decisions and your emotions

Help working through fears

A great doula will have no agenda other than helping you have the best birth you can given your unique circumstances.