How To Interview A Doula

October 25, 2021
by Alex Barr
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How to interview a doula

After you've learned what a doula is, where to find the right doula for you, and you've decided you'd like to hire a doula the next step is interviewing them!

Below I have some questions to ask the doula and yourself so you can decide who is right for you and get all the information you can to aid in that decision.

Questions to ask the doula

Why did you become a doula?

What sort of training did you have?

How would you describe your doula/support style?

How many births have you attended? 

Do you generally work with hospital, birth center or home births?

Which hospitals/birth centers are you most comfortable with?

Are you part of a collective? Who is your back up?

How many clients do you take per month?

What’s your fee? What does that include?

Do you offer any specialized services?

When will you be on call for my birth?

Do you have experience with ____________? (insert any identity, complication, or anything else that pertains to you, your family, or pregnancy)

Will you support me through my decisions? How?

Questions to ask yourself

Are they someone I trust?

Are they someone who will do their best to support and help me advocate for myself during labor and delivery?

Do I feel supported and listened to?

Will I feel comfortable having them in the room while I’m giving birth?

Will I feel comfortable telling them and asking them for what I need?

What’s my intuition telling me?

Sometimes after meeting with the doula or doulas you will just know who you’d like to hire, sometimes you may need time to think on it!

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