Childbirth Classes Late in Pregnancy

December 8, 2021
by Alex Barr
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What should you do if you want to take a childbirth class but you’re further along in you pregnancy?

A lot of childbirth classes are presented as series of classes ranging from 4-6 weeks so if you are 37 or 38 weeks along or later this may not be the best option!

You wouldn’t want to go into labor before you could finish your class and some of the information you receive may lead you to change some things in your birth plan, or lead to more questions!

Some of the options you have:

Take a one day class
Take my one day class (I offer in-person or virtual options)
Look into the childbirth educators in your area and see if they offer shorter classes
Hospital birth classes (not the best usually but typically only 1 day)
Reach out to local doula (that aligns with your values and what you want) and ask how much they would charge for a crash course!

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