Birth Doula Series: Pregnancy

November 3, 2022
by Alex Barr
Birth Doula Series: Pregnancy

How does a birth doula help in pregnancy?

In learning about doulas and what they offer today’s topic is how do they help in pregnancy!

First off all doulas offer different things so this may change depending on who you hire and this is something you could ask about when you first meet a doula!

Doulas typically offer 1-2 prenatal visits, with the option to pay for more. In these visits they will typically get to know you, help you create your birth plan/preferences, educate you on some of your choices, answer your questions, etc. 

Depending on your doula they may be fully available to you through text or call from the time you hire them. Which means you can reach out to them for resources (research, studies, local groups, specialists, providers, etc.), questions, support, and advice.

Some doulas offer the add on of going to certain appointments with you. (This could help if you need emotional support for certain appointments or help asking more questions).

You can also reach out and speak with your doula if you’re having a hard time making a decision or need some emotional support during your pregnancy!

A doula can help you physically prepare for labor by offering stretches, different spinning baby positions,  exercises, and other birth preparation tips (like red raspberry leaf tea or dates!).

They can also help mentally prepare you by teaching different pain and coping methods, helping you stay calm, or offering meditation exercises.

The most important part is getting to know your doula, getting comfortable with them, and feeling supported by them before you go into labor!

Our next post in this series will be about how birth doulas can help during labor and the final installment will be about how a birth doula can help in the postpartum period!