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8 Steps to Finding a Doula

8 steps to finding the doula that is right for you!

How to Choose a Provider For Birth

How to choose a provider (OBGYN or Midwife) for your birth and a list of questions to ask to help you decide!

10 Ways to Involve Your Partner/Support Team in Birth

10 tips on involving partners and your support team in your birth, and what you should ask of them in regards to birth.

Medical Pain Management Series: Epidurals

Epidurals: risks, benefits, steps to receiving an epidural, and tips and tricks! CW: description of medical procedure.

Do doulas help and when are they beneficial?

Taking a look at the evidence on doulas, and how they could help in pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Medical Pain Management Series: Nitrous and Analgesics

A brief overview of some medical pain management tools other than epidurals. CW: description of pain medication

How much does a doula cost in Phoenix Arizona?

What a doula costs in Phoenix, Arizona and what goes into that pricing!

The difference between doulas and midwives.

The key differences between midwives and doulas!

Childbirth Classes Late in Pregnancy

What should you do if you want to take a childbirth class put you’re further along in you pregnancy?